Competent, Quality Consulting and Solutions.
Richard K. Lack Consulting is a specialized consulting company providing expert, innovative and comprehensive instruction to Fusion Centers and Law Enforcement Agencies across the United States in Terrorism and Intelligence.

Richard K. Lack, himself, offers Advanced Interview & Interrogation courses.  These courses may be designed for an 8 hour, 16 hour or the traditional 24 hours course, depending on the needs of the client agency.

Richard K. Lack also provides Active Shooter Response Training for businesses of all types.  This course is empowering, in teaching attendees effective methods for survival during an Active Shooter event.  This course also provides "FIGHTING/SELF DEFENSE" techniques if evacuation is not an option.

Our instructors are highly qualified to provide your agency with the expertise it needs to achieve the highest level of training and helping to prevent future terrorist attacks. Our instructors will walk your organization through the history of terrorism to today's perceived threats to our Country, with expert role playing making our classes exciting and dynamic. All of our classes can be tailored to meet your organizational needs. 

Our instructors are dynamic, entertaining and energetic and have received rave reviews wherever they teach!

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